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Advantages of Provigil

Excessive sleepiness is usually a debilitating issue. If you feel tired constantly no matter how much sleep you get, it could be time for you to use Provigil, also available as Modalert. Modalert and Provigil can be described as medications that will assist you to stay alert any time you want to so that you can carry out your everyday duties without a struggle.

Modafinil (branded as Provigil and Modalert) belong to a class of medicines called wakefulness promoters. It works by altering the chemical actions of the brain that manage waking and sleeping. It promotes the release of chemical compounds that help keep you awake.

Sometimes increased drowsiness is due to obstructive sleep apnea, in which the sufferer frequently ceases breathing during sleep and reflexively wakes up to keep on breathing. Sleep apnea prevents you from receiving a sufficient amount of rest, so you will be tired when you are meant to be awake.

Often, however, excessive drowsiness is an issue with no obvious underlying contributing factor. A good example of this is narcolepsy. In narcolepsy, you feel drowsy even after getting received enough sleep. You might suffer an abrupt loss of muscle function, dropping off to sleep during inappropriate times, performing tasks without having any recollection of having done this, as well as hallucinations or even paralysis whilst dozing or awakening. These kinds of signs and symptoms may happen on their own or perhaps in combination.

People who are employed in alternating shifts are also likely to feel tired all the time. If your rotating shifts involve doing the job through the night, you could rarely get the chance to keep to a standard sleeping schedule. This might make it hard to fall asleep regularly, which will in turn cause you to lose rest. The affects of lack of sleep tend to be cumulative, so your system could eventually be unable to keep up with the loss of adequate rest, causing a consistent feeling of tiredness.

Provigil and Modalert are marketed as being a therapy for narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, as well as shift work sleep disorder. It enables you to function when you need to be alert, even though your system normally wants to fall asleep. Provigil and Modalert provide a convenient way to satisfy your daily commitments more comfortably whilst you undergo therapy for sleep apnea, switch shifts, or cope with narcolepsy. If you experience any of these conditions, discuss Provigil and Modalert with your doctor to find out whether it meets your requirements. Provigil and Modalert could be just what you need to start experiencing a normal life, becoming more energetic, and just feeling better.

What Are The Side Effects When Using Modafinil?

When modafinil was issued in the precise dosages, the following adverse reactions were experienced when judged against the placebo in trials:

Common Ratio

  • Nausea (11% to 3%)
  • Headache (34% to 23%)
  • Less common Ratio
  • Nervousness (7% to 3%)
  • Insomnia (5% to 1%)
  • Anxiety (5% to 1%)
  • Dizziness (5% to 4%)
  • Infrequent Ratio
  • Chest pain (3% to 1%)
  • Hypertension (3% to 1%)
  • Tachycardia (2% to 1%)
  • Vasodilatation (2% to 0%)
  • Dry mouth (4% to 2%)
  • Paresthesia (2% to 0%)
  • Pharyngitis (4% to 2%)
  • Anorexia (4% to 1%)

The FDA insisted Cephalon change their prescription literature for Provigil to read in Bold font that there were a number of severe and possibly fatal situations that were traced to modafinil usage that included the above mentioned TENS, DRESS syndrome and the quite severe Stevens-Johnson Syndrome SJS.

There is some evidence that if an individual is struggling with gastrointestinal grief, some relief can be found by taking modafinil right after eating. There have been reports of aggressive behavior and sore skin conditions, but these are uncommon. After several weeks, most of the Modafinil side effects will diminish as the body becomes more tolerant of the medication with no dose altering required. Headaches and feelings of anxiety seem to be connected to the dosage amounts someone is taking so logically these individuals could feel better with a brief lowering or split dosage. Only one case of ventricular premature beat (VPB) or extrasystole, unusual heart beat or palpitations, has been reported and was only loosely associated with using modafinil.

Women who take oral birth control pills [BCP] – hormone based contraceptives – should know that modafinil can have an adverse effect on the potency of the BCP they are taking and that it could last for up to a month after they stop taking the modafinil.

Toxic amounts of modafinil are different in varying species. The average fatal dosage for rats and mice is lethal dose 50% [LD50] of a tested population, for Modafinil, which is a bit higher than 1250 mg per kilogram. By mouth, dosages for the LD50 standard tested in rats varied from 1000 mg per kg up to 3400 mg per kg. Modafinil taken by injection into veins, the LD50 was 300 mg per kg for canines. In human studies, 1200 mg each day for 1 to 3 weeks or a single dose to as much as 4500 mg showed no apparent grave effects.

Though as you can imagine there were some unpleasant reactions witnessed by researchers. These included unusual levels of excitement or confrontational anxiety, acute insomnia, petulance, belligerence, bewilderment, apprehension, trembling, racing heart, sleep disorder, queasiness, and loose stools. Up to 2004, the FDA had not heard of any lethal overdose situations with just modafinil in contrast to OD’ing on a combination of medications that contains modafinil. So all that said, oral LD50 consumption of modafinil for individual people really is not available precisely. Nevertheless, it does seem to be more elevated than the oral LD50 of caffeine.


Using Modafinil to Treat Many Conditions

In a study in 2000, the effectiveness of Modafinil to treat adults suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) was evaluated. Twenty-two adults were tested over a three week treatment period. The mean optimum dosage was approximately 200 mg per day, and was well tolerated. The result of this test showed that Modafinil might be a feasible treatment for those suffering from ADHD.

Another way Modafinil has shown some positive results is in the treatment of cerebral palsy. This use was discovered by accident when Daniel Hurst, a child neurologist from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, who was using Modafinil to treat seizures and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The patient had only taken Modafinil for a few weeks when he had an appointment with a surgeon to investigate corrective surgery on his ankles because he had been walking on his toes. The surgeon cancelled the surgery because the muscles of the ankles had improved so the surgery was no longer required.

Later, a pilot study was conducted with 10 child patients to test the validity of this result. After one month of taking Modafinil, the children showed improvements in the distances they could walk and their overall muscle spasticity. The drug stimulates the brain stem and allows the muscles to relax. Modafinil shows tremendous potential in the treatment of cerebral palsy, but more study is required in this area.

Fibromyalgia is another condition that has been treated successfully with Modafinil, as a relief to fatigue. Fibromyalgia affects 2% of the population and its symptoms include chronic fatigue and musculoskeletal pain. In a study in 2006, ninety-eight patients with Fibromyalgia took doses of 200 to 400 mg of Modafinil daily and two thirds of the participants reported a reduction in fatigue of at least fifty percent. Alertness improved and they had less need for daytime naps.

The use of Modafinil as a treatment for bipolar depression is currently being studied. In 2005, Dr. Frye conducted a study on 85 patients with this condition at the University of California, Los Angeles. Their symptoms included excessive sleepiness and fatigue. Forty-four percent of the participants reported positive results.

Modafinil has proven successful in treating excessive daytime fatigue in those with Parkinson’s disease. In 2007, Dr. Lou at the University of Oregon Medical School in Portland, Oregon, studied 19 patients with Parkinson’s disease. They used a Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory (MFI) measurement tool to assess physical fatigue in these patients. The results of this study showed improvement in finger-tapping frequency and velocity, and less fatigue. Based on this study, Dr. Lou recommended using Modafinil as a treatment for fatigue brought on by Parkinson’s disease.

In other studies, Modafinil did not improve the level of fatigue in the participants with Parkinson’s disease, so additional testing is required.

Modafinil has been used in the treatment of fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis. In 2002, a study on sixty-five patients showed positive results. These patients received a dose of 200 mg of Modafinil for a period of two weeks and showed significant improvement with no serious side effects. The side effects included headaches and nausea. The study concluded that Modafinil is an effective drug to treat fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis.

Because Modafinil is also a psychostimulant medication, it has the potential to treat learning and memory dysfunctions in multiple sclerosis patients. Studies on this treatment are currently ongoing.

An Introduction to Modafinil

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a medication approved for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness due to narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder and obstructive sleep apnea. It belongs to a class of drugs known as wakefulness promoting agents or stimulants. It is not a true amphetamine-like stimulant and so it is not considered a narcotic, although it is still considered a controlled substance by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is manufactured in the United States by Cephalon and marketed under the brand name Provigil.

Modafinil History

In the 1970s, French scientists who were working with the pharmaceutical company Lafon invented a group of benzhydryl sulfinyl compounds which included modafinil and a similar drug called adrafinil. Adrafinil is a prodrug which is metabolized into modafinil, thus it takes longer to achieve the desired effect. Modafinil has been available in France under the brand name Modiodal since 1994. Cephalon Inc leased the rights from Lafon and the drug was approved for use in the United States and became available under the brand name Provigil in 1998. Lafon was eventually bought out by Cephalon Inc in 2001. It is also marketed in India by Sun Pharmaceuticals under the name Modalert.

Modafinil Uses

Modafinil is approved in the United States for use in the treatment of narcolepsy (a chronic neurologic disorder which causes excessive daytime sleepiness and sudden sleep attacks), shift work sleep disorder (a circadian rhythm sleep disorder caused by disruption to natural sleep patterns due to things such as constantly changing sleep schedules caused by shift work) and obstructive sleep apnea (a disorder caused by short periods where one stops breathing for short periods of time during normal sleep, resulting in disrupted sleep patterns). In some other countries it is also approved for idiopathic hypersomnia (excessive sleepiness for which no cause can be determined).

Modafinil has been investigated for many off-label uses (indications for which it has not been officially approved). It has shown to have some positive results in the treatment of depression, schizophrenia and ADHD. However, it was rejected for use by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2006 for use in the treatment of ADHD in children under the age of 18. Cephalon’s label prohibits the use of modafinil in people under the age of 18 for any condition. Modafinil has been used to treat the fatigue associated with multiple sclerosis, as an adjunct therapy for antidepressants where fatigue has been shown to be a significant side effect and for the fatigue reported in patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, myotonic dystrophy and spastic cerebral palsy.

Modafinil is currently being investigated for use in cocaine addiction, weight loss, post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment, fatigue related to primary biliary cirrhosis and general mood elevation in people with treatment resistant depression.

How Modafinil Works

Modafinil has similar effects to other central nervous system stimulants such as methylphenidate and amphetamine. However, there are differences in the chemicals that are affected in the brain which makes it different than the other traditional stimulants. Modafinil primarily binds to the dopamine transmitters in the brain, causing the reduced reuptake of dopamine. This leads to increased availability of dopamine in the brain without causing its increased production. Modafinil displays more selective wake-promoting effects than other stimulants do and increases locomotor activity. It can also cause euphoric effects and alterations in perceptions, along with mood and thinking changes similar to those of other CNS stimulants. Modafinil does not seem to have the same cardiovascular effects as other stimulant drugs and does not seem to cause the withdrawal symptoms that other amphetamine-like drugs do. However it does carry the same potential risks for abuse and dependence.

Warnings some United States athletes tested positive for modafinil, causing much controversy in the sporting world. On August 3, 2004, 10 days before the start of the 2004 Summer Olympics, modafinil was added to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s “Prohibited List”. It was found that modafinil’s stimulant effect does indeed enhance an athlete’s physical performance.

How Can Modafinil Help Me

If you are suffering from a sleep disorder and you’re asking yourself ‘can Modafinil help me?’ certainly, yes. Modafinil can help you. Read more about it here.

How Can Modafinil Help Me – A Personal Testimony

I was once suffering from a sleep disorder too. I was suffering from Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) and it was really a pain in the neck. I remember waking up in the morning and grudging about waking up at all because I am ridiculously still sleepy. But then, I needed to go to work, so I went on with my daily preparation for work. When I arrived in our office, I was barely awake. My head’s usually dropping and I sometimes bump my head on my desk because I fell asleep. That wasn’t surprising at all because that is my usual routine at work if you may call it. Then whenever I am at home and trying to sleep, alas, I am not sleepy at all.

So on and on it goes, and when I finally heard my wake up call to go to the doctor and have me checked, (the wake up call was my boss telling me I can really get fired already because of my condition, you know, employee efficiency and all that) I found out that EDS was just a symptom and my true condition was Narcolepsy.

Narcolepsy is a extreme feeling of sleepiness whenever you’re in a very relaxing condition. So you can imagine my condition to be worse. My doctor advised me to take Modafinil. I abruptly asked how can Modafinil help me? Of course, I would want to know whatever it is that I will swallow, right? So there. I knew that Modafinil is a drug that keeps you awake, hence, eradicates the symptoms of Narcolepsy. It is a drug that controls your wakefulness and sleepiness.

And there goes my Modafinil journey.

Can Modafinil Help Me If I Want to be Productive?

Yes. Now I am cured of Narcolepsy, but I still use Modafinil to keep me productive and enhance my concentration and memory, as the drug also does that.

There is a study that proved the use of Modafinil as a memory enhancer, even for students. It is not cheating if you take Modafinil. It is just a boost, like an athlete drinking an energy boost or a person drinking a paracetamol to cure headaches.

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How to Be Productive

You want to know how to be productive, you can be if you know the right tips and if you have the right motivation you need. What are the ingredients of being a productive individual? We will analyze and find out in this article. But first, we need to know what productivity is.

Productivity, when it comes to business or being an employee, is being able to do multiple tasks in a day without affecting the quality of the results. Productivity is being ‘productive’ in a period of time, wherein people who are not productive produce fewer results because they are not always able to work on their tasks because of numerous reasons. What are these reasons? Read on.

Reasons Why You Cannot Be Productive


Simply put, you are always feeling lazy to do things. I don’t know what things or stuffs are in a lazy person’s mind (because I am not one), but when people get lazy, they tend to just lie around, sit around and do nothing, or maybe they try to pretend to do something but they are really not doing it.


Procrastination is when you have work to do, and you are delaying or postponing it. For example, you are meant to be writing that sales letter due 3 PM but you are postponing it by engaging in a friendly call or perhaps surfing on Facebook. Then, you are not being productive because you are not doing what you are meant to do, because if you do the things or tasks that you are meant to do then, you can do more tasks after each one. That, is one example of being productive.

Lack of motivation

When you have lack in motivation, you cannot be productive. It is impossible to be productive when you don’t have motivation. Why? Ever wondered when you woke up in the morning and you feel so lazy to get up? That’s because you are not motivated enough to get up and do your work. But can you remember when you woke up one morning and you feel so energized and excited to get up? Maybe that day was pay day? Or perhaps you have a date on that day? That is enough motivation. But that is just one way to look at it. There are more motivations and situations that you can look at, but I think you get t he point.

Lack of energy

Warnings,of course, when you don’t have energy, then you simply cannot be productive. You just can’t even if you are motivated, even if you are not the type of person to procrastinate, and even if you are the most hardworking person you know. You just don’t have the energy to do it. So what do you do when you don’t have enough energy that you need to be productive?

Tips on How To Be Productive

Believe it or not, yes I am saying this to you. I know you know this already, but you are not doing it anyway so perhaps I can remind you. Eat healthy! Avoid those junk foods and empty calories. Eat more greens and fruits and drink plenty of water.

I’ve said that already but I want to put an emphasis to it, drink plenty of water. : )7-12 hours is the good amount of sleep that any adult is recommended to have. You will not get more energy if you are insomniac, or if you have Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders because not sleeping, or resting, or those random sleep patterns and disturbance won’t give you enough energy to be productive.

Try taking Modafinil or Armodafinil

This drug or medicine is a wonder drug because people with sleep disorders use this to treat their conditions. It is FDA approved and prescribed by doctors. When you take this drug, you will feel more energized and you’ll feel that you can focus more and concentrate more, hence, you will be productive. Actually, you will be productive than ever in your whole life. I have tried it and produced loads and tonnes of results. You canbuy it here on this link, you can choose one and you’ll be directed to our guaranteed safe and fast suppliers. Or you can just click the BUY NOW button in this website and you’ll be directed to the choices or smart drugs. By the way, Modafinil is Modalert, and Armodafinil is Armod, Artvigil and Waklert. If you are a beginner, you can try first the Modalert because Armodafinil brands are more concentrated than Modafinil brands, if you ask me.

Go and be productive! Reach your goals, step by step, and be smart.

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To get the least expensive transportation I prescribe continually taking a gander at the expense of the pills in addition to incorporating the delivery in that computation. At that point you will get a more sensible diagram of the expense. Some modest suppliers may assimilate the transportation costs on the grounds that the prescription is so modest, viably making the delivery free.

What Is Better, Modalert or Modafinil

You do not need to speculate which of the two names is better – Modalert or Modafinil.

Modalert and Modafinil are two different names but are exactly the same. Nothing is superior or inferior. Both are the best.

Modalert is the brand name of Modafinil. Actually, Modafinil is traded as Modalert. They are of the same content and the same effectiveness level as well.

Who are Prescribed with Modalert or Modafinil?

If you suffer from Narcolepsy which is manifested with difficulty to stay awake for longer hours, the doctor will likely recommend the use of Modalert or Modafinil. When you are not productive at works since you often fall asleep Modalert or Modafinil is your best answer. You can take the tablet once a day as recommended by your doctor.

Children with ADHD or attention disorders tend to perform low in school due to lack of the ability to focus. They are also prescribed with Modalert or Modafinil.

Those who have weight problems since they over-eat, Modalert or Modafinil is taken to suppress appetite.

People who are not sick may also take Modalert or Modafinil to avoid fatigue and stress. The drug has an active component that will make the user stay awake and remain energetic up to 12 hours from the time the medicine is taken.

Which can Be Bought Without Prescription Modalert or Modafinil?

Most of the drugs which are known to treat Narcolepsy and ADHD can only be bought with the doctor’s prescription. The medicines for such purposes are highly regulated due to perceived addiction when not taken as directed by the physician.

However Modalert or Modafinil is not regulated; thus prescription is not required when you will buy from offshore pharmacies in Australia.

You can buy Modalert or Modafinil online and you are asked to fax or email the copy of your doctor’s prescription you should not bother buying from that website. The online store recommended in this article will offer you online buying for Modalert in the most speedy and easiest process.

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Buy Modafinil 200mg as Prescribed by your Doctor

Buy Modafinil 200mg and even other drugs for that matter with extreme cautiousness. This is very basic – buy and take drug only when prescribed by your trusted doctor. Modafinil is the brand that takes in a form of tablet which is designed to treat Narcolepsy, a sleep disorder.

Granting you are already informed about the uses of the modavigil and how the medicine is taken, you cannot just have the medicine and take it as soon as you want. Self diagnosis and self medication for most illnesses is risky; only professionals like doctors can best tell you what to do.

If you found yourself being troubled with a certain sleeping problem, visit your doctor right away. You cannot just predict having a narcolepsy or other diseases. Even doctors could not straightforwardly tell what your illness is without prior laboratory checks and other required tests to ascertain your health conditions.

Consider the fact that taking up medicines may have side effects and in most cases proper dosage is of great importance. There are age and health status restrictions as well. In the case of Modafinil 200mg, those who are under 18 years old and more than 65 years old should refrain from taking the drug; pregnant women as well as those who are undergoing other medications should use the drug with utmost care too.

Your doctors must know such things before modavigil is prescribed. This means, you cannot just buy Modafinil 200mg with your own without the doctor’s go signal and of course the written prescription.

With the existence of so many medicines of various brands in the market today, your doctor can best tell you the brand to buy as soon as you are diagnosed with a certain disease. During the consultation itself, your doctor will discuss to you the best medication process to address your health problem.

Make sure to open up any health related problems you have as well as the drugs you are currently taking in. The best doctor will also tell you what the prescription is and why you are to take the said medicine and how it works for you.

After such prerequisites are done, be ready to take the prescription to pharmaceutical stores where Modafinil 200mg medicines are offered for sale. Take note, only buy Modafinil 200mg from licensed drug stores.